Xuzhou yifan New energy  technology Co.,Ltd  located in the elegant and graceful,outstanding historical civilization city-peixian,Han emperor liu bang’s hometown and the ascent is also the ancestral hometown of zhu yuanzhang.

Xuzhou yifan new energy  technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in the manufacture of solar pv modules and photovoltaic applications development of the integrated company. The company selected the best of monocrystalline sloar cells,polycrystalline sloar cells,according to the specific requirements of customers,using the original of all kinds of different ways of connection packing process,for users provide ideal envirnnoment clean photovoltaic products.
At present,the company is leading product for Yifan Series of high transparent toughened glass polycrystalline laminated silicon solar panels,solar street lights ,graden lights,lawn lamp,solar home power series products,widely application in the field of home appliances,lighting,transportation,power supply and so on.

Xuzhou yifan new energy  technology Co.,Ltd are out for a sustainable future,by solar photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic products as the focus,and to promote the sustainable development of ne energy .Industry development strategy of environmental protection ,low carbon and sustainable development for the solar industry.

China’s rapid economic development ,the power demand is too large. The current power supply is seriously insufficient. Yifan will be people-oriented,science and technology as the soul,competition for the first. YIfan will continue to strive for the majority of customers to provide quality services.Welcome to Yian visit ,negotiate ,cooperation.


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