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What are the market opportunities for PV industry in China?

Currently, the biggest pain in the photovoltaic business owners must be the pain of choice.The original owner of the industrial capital will choose pain, the new financial capital will also choose to c…

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Japan PV industry development or encounter bottlenecks

KYOCERA 2016 annual PV module production plan down to 1 million 200 thousand kilowatts. Panasonic also reduced sales due to the Japanese residential market related products. No improvement in the marke…

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Artes photovoltaic power generation projects in Japans largest production

Artes sunshine Power Company Limited recently announced that its located in the 24MW photovoltaic power plant project in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan in November 16th formally put into commercial operat…

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Solar aircraft new target: will fly to the edge of space

According to foreign media reports, although solar aircraft have crossed the Alps, traveled around the world, but there is a team called SolarStratos but want to make it achieve a more ambitious goal -…

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The worlds largest solar power plant is cleaned by a robotic system every day

According to Al Jazeera reported on November 30th, India released in Tamil Nadu built solar power station in the picture, the power station installed capacity of 648 megawatts, covers an area of 10 squ…

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Analysis of photovoltaic agriculture status and Prospects

Photovoltaic agriculture as a new form of agriculture, has been widely used in agriculture, covering the planting, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, etc., the most common is the agricultural photo…

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Wind power and solar energy will be the best solution to Africas electricity problem

In recent years, more and more African countries to develop renewable energy on the agenda to make up for their energy gap. From the satellite view of the earth night, Africa is a power shortage in the…

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